About Us

Evergreen Studio is a plant nursery specialising in indoor plants and accessories for plants. Our focus is helping you select plants that will truly thrive in your home and office and make you ADORE the space you’re in.

Our team is led by Michelle, a qualified Horticulturalist, Plant Stylist and Florist. She is also a yoga teacher, caffeine lover and self-proclaimed crazy plant lady. She spent many years as a HR professional in the mining industry, however sought a change of pace at the end of 2017, which led her to pursue formal qualifications in horticulture and conservation & land management.

Plants don’t only look great indoors, but they help purify the air and uplift your mood. We spend more time indoors than we ever have before, and with a shift to smaller, apartment style living, indoor plants are an easy way to bring the outside in. Michelle strongly believes this is a trend that is not going away any time soon.

Why We Are Unique

When you visit our studio, you’re not just walking in and buying a plant; we’re going to support you the whole way. We’ll give you all the tips on how to make that thing stay green (aka alive!) and how to best style it in your house.

We want you to keep coming back to buy your plant babies and continue to add life to your space; not because there’s another dead plant you have to replace (but hey, it happens to the best of us, we’re a judgement free zone!):

  • We encourage you to bring in a photo of your space – let us help you find the right plant for your conditions
  • If you’ve got a pot and need a plant, – bring the pot in and let’s find its perfect fit! We don’t care if you got it from another shop
  • We’re here to support you the whole way and make having plants in your house as easy as ABC.


What You Get From Us

  • above and beyond the best customer service around. Our team are the most fun-loving people who don’t take life too seriously. We provide the lol’s and the plants (and the plant puns!). We love plants and we want you to love plants too.
  • a uniquely curated selection of beautiful and purposeful plant related accessories, including pots, stands and books.
  • an ever-changing selection of gifts (all are items that we would love to receive too!)
  • a thoughtfully curated crystal bar, perfect for beginners. When you buy crystals from us, it comes with information on its meaning and how it can support you.
  • complimentary gift wrapping, perfect for those last-minute gifts on the go. Brown paper, string and a sticker creates our signature rustic gifting look (because not many items are a normal box shape – we’re looking at you awkwardly shaped watering cans!)

When new customers come into our studio, we are regularly asked “are your plants real?”  We don’t claim to have the largest range of plants, but our plants have only made it through the front door because they have been hand-picked by us and we believe they are the best performing plants that you need to make your house look boom.  All of our plants come with a plant care guide, so you can take great care of your new plant baby.