About Us


Evergreen Studio Florals takes pride in offering phenomenal customer service, quality ingredients and expertly crafted designs.

We ADORE flowers and we’re on a mission to share our love of flowers with as many humans as possible.

Every one of our designs features the best of the season and focus on sourcing locally-grown flowers, foliage and textures.

We want to celebrate the season and often source our flowers from local farmers and growers. This ensures the longest shelf life for your flowers.

We also know ordering flowers can feel totally overwhelming; we’re here to help.

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to ask.



Hi! I’m Michelle, creative director of Evergreen Studio Florals.


I start my day with a coffee (long black please), I have an unnecessary fondness for fancy notebooks, and appreciate the beauty of a well-designed spreadsheet.


I love colour and ribbons and textured fabrics. I have been sewing and stitching for most of my life. I am a yoga teacher, and in my spare time (!!) I enjoy learning about astrology, tarot and crystals.


As well as being a lover of flowers, I am a Horticulturalist and crazy plant lady. Evergreen Studio was previously an indoor plant shop located in North Beach.