Luxe Soy Candle


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Luxury Healing candles infused with essential oils and a crystal, inviting you to light a candle everyday with intent.

Made locally and lovingly in Perth by Jess.


  • Calming & Harmonious - Blue Quartz crystal infused with peppermint essential oil (chakra: throat)
  • Manifestation - Tiger Iron crystal infused with orange bloom essential oil (chakra: sacral)
  • Energising & Revitalising - Hematite crystal infused with patchouli and lavender essential oil (chakra: base)
  • Awakening - Clear Quartz crystal infused with cold pressed lemon essential oil (chakra: third eye)
  • Clarity of Mind - Selenite crystal infused with rose geranium essential oil (chakra: crown)
  • Love - Rose Quartz crystal infused with rose and ylang ylang essential oil (chakra: heart)
  • Personal Power - Tiger Eye crystal infused with grapefruit and lime essential oil (chakra: solar plexus)



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Awakening, Calming & Harmonious, Clarity of Mind, Energising & Vitalising, Love, Manifestation, Personal Power


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