Sustee Water Meter


Are you killing your plants by being too generous on the watering side of things? Or are you one of those neglectful plant parents who simply forget?  Sustee is the world’s first aquameter for home use that can monitor soil moisture based on pF values (pF is a measure of soil tension).

After watering your plant the Sustee device absorbs moisture at the root level, just like your plant, then the level of absorbed water rises, the indicator gradually becomes blue.  It takes 10-25 minutes to turn completely blue after watering (depending on size). You will know it’s time to water when the colour changes from blue to white. It’s really that simple!

Sustee stays in place so it does not disturb your growing roots.

  • Sustee Small is best for small or shallow pots with plant roots about 5cm (2 inches) deep
  • Sustee Medium is best for pots 12-18cm (4.7 to 7 inches) in diameter
  • Sustee Large is best for pots more than 18cm (7 inches) in diameter

Replace the core when it stops turning blue after watering (approximately after 6-9 months pending on your soil type). We also stock refills 🙂

Please note – Sustee is available in green or white, depending on availability from our suppliers. Therefore preferred colour choice is not available.

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